General User Help Information

User Accounts

A user account is required to access the majority of this site.  Setting up an account simply requires registering a username, password, and other information in the "Register" portion of the site.  Once registered, you can supply your personal info (address, phone, etc), and enter info for you dog(s).

Trial Information

Information for upcoming AKC trials is available to registered users and guests.  You can get premiums for new trials, look at results of past trials (if available), and create entries (mail in an online) if you are logged into the system.  To create entries, you will need a user account (see above).

Entering Trials

There are two options for entering trials using this site.  After logging into the site, you can create an entry for your dog(s) to a trial and print the information to be mailed to the trial secretary with a check or other payment.  You will also have the option of entering online with a valid credit card for a minimal processing fee.  If you choose to enter online, and you receive an online entry confirmation, you are guaranteed a spot in the trial.  Mail in entries will be processed by the trial secretary as received.

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