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The following tables list Upcoming and Past Trials for informational purposes only. To Create and Entry for a trial, you must first Log into your account.
Upcoming Trials
United States Australian Shepherd Association 9/9/2016 - 9/11/2016   Fun Fur Paws, Mt. Vernon, WA 7/15/2016 8/28/2016 Pdf Premium True
Columbia Basin Dog Training Club 9/9/2016 - 9/11/2016   Horn Rapids County Park, Benton City, WA 7/6/2016 8/26/2016 Pdf Premium True
Bell Vernon Kennel Association 9/16/2016 - 9/18/2016   Fun Fur Paws, Mt. Vernon, WA 7/27/2016 9/2/2016 Pdf Premium True
Mt. Bachelor Kennel Club 9/30/2016 - 10/2/2016   Crook County Fairgrounds, Prineville, OR 8/3/2016 9/16/2016 Pdf Premium True
Evergreen Belgian Tervuren Club 9/30/2016 - 10/2/2016   Fun Fur Paws, Mt. Vernon, WA 8/8/2016 9/16/2016 Pdf Premium True
Wenatchee Kennel Club 10/14/2016 - 10/16/2016   Confluence State Park, Wenatchee, WA 8/10/2016 9/28/2016 Pdf Premium True
Yakima Valley Kennel Club 10/21/2016 - 10/23/2016   Fullbright Park, Union Gap, WA 8/17/2016 9/28/2016 Pdf Premium False
Evergreen Afghan Hound Club 10/28/2016 - 10/30/2016   Argus Ranch, Auburn, WA 8/31/2016 10/14/2016 Pdf Premium True
Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association 11/5/2016 - 11/6/2016   Argus Ranch, Auburn, WA 9/14/2016 10/21/2016 Pdf Premium True
Mt. Hood Doberman Pinscher Club 11/18/2016 - 11/20/2016   Clark County Fairgrounds, Ridgefield, WA 9/1/2016 11/4/2016 Pdf Premium True

Past Trials
ClubName DateLocationNumDaysResults
Western Washington Hound Assoc / American Bloodhou email 08/26/2016Argus Ranch3 Results
Northwest Bearded Collie Club of Puget Sound email 07/30/2016Argus Ranch2 Results
Chuckanut Dog Training Association email 07/22/2016Northwest Washington Fairgrounds3
Washington State Obedience Training Club email 07/15/2016Argus Ranch3 Results
Mt. Bachelor Kennel Club email 07/01/2016Deschutes County Fairgrounds3 Results
Puget Sound Labs - Special Event - Old Dog Honor R email 06/25/2016Fun Fur Paws1
Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association email 06/24/2016Fun Fur Paws3 Results
Samoyed Club of Washington State email 06/10/2016Fun Fur Paws3 Results
Greater Spokane Shetland Sheepdog Club email 06/03/2016Spokane County Fair and Expo Center3
Hurricane Ridge Kennel Club email 06/03/2016Blake Park Baseball Fields3
Evergreen Belgian Tervuren Club email 05/27/2016Fun Fur Paws3
Seattle Kennel Club email 05/20/2016Argus Ranch3 Results
SnoKing email 05/06/2016Argus Ranch3
Puget Sound Poodle Club email 04/29/2016Argus Ranch3
Bell Vernon Kennel Assoc email 04/22/2016Fun Fur Paws3